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MBS’s Asset Management expertises help clients to unlock the hidden potential in assetsto achieve improved performance and productivity outcomes through:

  • Increasing the overall return on investment (ROI)
  • Improving employee safety and environmental stewardship
  • Increasing  productivity through asset reliability
  • Lowering total cost of ownership

Through extensive industry experience and a focused and dedicated Asset Management function, MBS provides seamless ‘whole of life’ asset management services to clients operating in the following industry sectors: Entreprise and Business Architecture, Internet & Digital Analysis of Thinking, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Research and Development, Systems, Information system, Supply Chain & Logistics/Transport

MBS‘s asset management services offer the optimum balance between risk, performance and cost for clients; and are complemented by our extensive engineering expertise, allowing asset management solutions to be developed and incorporated at one or every stage of a development’s lifecycle. These phases include: design, planning, construction, commissioning, and operations and maintenance. This differentiates MBS from other asset management service providers.

MBS can also assist with the deployment of complete systems implementation, targeted improvement programs or small individual projects. 

MBS provides:

  • Asset management services for ‘whole of life’ project developments
  • An exclusively designed suite of tools
  • Increased throughput from improved equipment availability and process reliability
  • Reduced costs (capital and operating)
  • Sustainable improvements through coaching, increased safety and employee welfare
  • Reduced risk to the environment and communities
  • Return on investment for clients.

We help you develop the right kind of architecture practice, tailored to your needs.

EA has assisted organisations across five continents to establish and optimise their practices.

An organisation’s strategy and architecture practice is the cornerstone of effective strategy communications, transformation management and IT governance. Yet no two organisations are the same and the shape of the practice must reflect the overall operating model as well as the investment climate and sourcing models of the organisation. Beyond this the structure and accountabilities of the practice should change over time to reflect the changing needs of the organisation.

MBS’s services include:

          Architecture practice maturity and effectiveness assessment to identify current capabilities, strengths and weaknesses

          Designing an architecture service catalogue customised to each organisation

          Defining the architecture operating model and the supporting organisation structure, accountabilities and performance model

          Profiling team skills and competencies against the capabilities required for each identified service

          Providing a managed service of managed architecture talent on demand and supported with methodology and other resources

          Implementing processes for architecture governance and compliance management

          Training existing staff to address capability and knowledge shortfalls

          Providing additional staff on short or long term basis


EA’s unique business architecture-led approach to digital strategy creates an integrated strategy and roadmap for digital investment.

Increasingly we are seeing digital capabilities create game-changing advantages for those organisations savvy enough to make the play. Marketing departments around the globe are abuzz with digital, applying these capabilities to better listen and respond to consumers, delivering the desired brand experience, iterating offerings, and establishing and maintaining customer relationships. Digital strategies however, are dependent on an integrated digital backbone to enable them. The technology must be designed to:

  • Support the need to deliver competitive insight by collecting and processing unprecedented amounts of data;
  • Enable consumers to self-select their own experiences; and
  • Present engaging content in a way that supports the required conversations to promote, persuade, and nurture targeted markets.

Digital is more than a technology play. It’s about the ability to enable customer value and improve efficiency and effectiveness across your organisation’s entire value chain. Many digital strategy offerings focus too much on one piece of the digital puzzle. We need to take a broader, more integrated look at how digital can change the game and create real advantages.

EA’s unique business architecture-led approach to digital strategy creates an integrated strategy and roadmap for your digital investment. We create various lenses across your business strategy, customer experience, product & services, business capabilities, information, and information security when developing your digital investment roadmap. This ensures you have a complete view – and brings your digital future into focus.


  Customer Driven

  • Identify the environmental, industry and internal factors that are influencing the digital strategy
  • Obtain clarity on the goals and objectives of your digital agenda
  • Understand the key principles guiding your digital agenda

  Business Scenarios

  • Create the structure required to understand the business model required to realise your digital strategy
  • Create transparency and traceability across the market model, products and services model, and the operating model

  Digital Strategy

  • Obtain clarity on who the customer is and their value based intention
  • Obtain clarity on how the organisation means to listen and respond to consumers, creating brand experiences, and iterating offerings
  • Understand the customer touch points and the intended brand and product experiences
  • Create a view of the organisational capabilities across people, process, information and technology required to deliver the brand and product experiences

  Digital Roadmap

  • Create an understanding of the extent at which your current capabilities are able to support your digital strategy
  • Create clarity of the roadmap required to support the digital strategy
  • Obtain consensus, commitment and support for your digital strategy and roadmap which we believe are critical to the success of your strategy
  • Obtain clarity on your measures of success and identify plans to measure and monitor them

  Requirements, Info & Gov.

  • Improve the way you manage your digital requirements
  • Manage information from data architecture and information security through to delivering key messages to the market
  • Understand the content management approach and how it is enabled
  • Provide clarity over decision governance across the digital landscape

MBS’s Industrial and Manufacturing capabilities extend through all stages of a project, from initial concept, survey and evaluation through to delivery, management and certification. Through a strong global network, MBS provides fully-integrated engineering services for the design, construction and commissioning of new facilities; the relocation, expansion and upgrade of existing plants; and the optimisation of operations and processes to improve performance, safety and sustainability.

MBS has a wealth of experience in design, engineering, master planning, site evaluation, quality control, supply chain management, procurement, asset management, operations streamlining, process evaluation and debottlenecking. MBS works with clients to understand their business drivers, resources and processes in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for grassroots, expansion, relocation and modification projects.

MBS provides substantial knowledge and experience in partnering with clients that operate within asset intensive industries, to improve maintenance effectiveness through value adding propositions and cost saving initiatives.

Maintenance Management ensures that assets are utilised at the highest operational levels and provide sustainable revenue and profits. MBS’s effective maintenance management program delivers value through maximising equipment performance, reliability and availability to meet operational objectives. Using an assessment approach, MBS identifies improvement opportunities within integrated business functions to improve overall operational performance.  Our Maintenance Management programs utilise the assessment results to create highly effective maintenance organisations with sustainable results. MBS’s focus on aligning people to processes ensure consistent results.

Typical activities related to Maintenance Management initiatives include:

  • Assessment, definition and implementation of Work Management processes including Shutdown and Project Management.
  • Alignment and support related CMMS implementation through all project phases, including post go live support and training.
  • Defining standards and cleansing / creating Master Data to supporting the CMMS and reporting capabilities.
  • Defining and implementing integrated processes that ensure a win–win relationship with clients.
  • Integrating maintenance with other key business functions such as: Supply Chain, Operations, Information Technology, Human Resources, etc.
  • Developing KPIs to track performance of people, processes and equipment to achieve continuous improvements.

Helping clients build the R&D capabilities needed to drive innovation, improve productivity and performance, and develop successful portfolio and asset strategies.

What we do

Our R&D clients include major industrial companies, research organizations. Our work, focuses on:

Driving innovation

We can help transform a company’s corporate culture and R&D infrastructure to meet changing industry needs, or support efforts to attract, motivate, and mobilize the best talent. We use our insights to help companies develop innovative products that offer substantial benefits over existing therapies, allowing them to overcome hurdles to regulatory approval and payor reimbursement.

Improving productivity and performance

We have multiple strategies for enhancing client’s productivity and performance. For instance, we can help them access new technologies and innovation through various R&D financing and partnership models that minimize cost and risk. We also facilitate approval and reduce development timelines and costs by helping design clinical strategies that maximize the chance for a successful approval with the best possible label. Our efforts often involve assisting companies with organizational issues (e.g., helping them determine the most efficient structure post-merger, etc.). Since we understand the changing vendor landscape and we offer global reach and expertise, we can also assist companies in identifying the right outsourcing/off-shoring opportunities and in capturing greater value from emerging markets.

Developing successful portfolio and asset strategies

Most importantly, we apply novel approaches to maximize the value creation potential of each individual pipeline asset. For instance, we can help clients identify compounds that will provide more value in established markets or generate demand in rapidly growing emerging markets. We also help clients identify and execute business development opportunities, including in- and out-licensing deals, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and innovative multi-party transactions that improve productivity.

MBS utilises a multiple phased approach for business system implementation.

During the initial phase, an assessment is performed to determine what the business requirements are, as compared to the current status related to the business processes, configuration, master data, security roles and training. This assessment and requirements gathering phase provides the foundation for the next phase of the project, which includes strategy development, design, develop and implementation.


To have clearly defined objectives or “A Picture of Success”, MBS facilitates the development of the vision and business objectives to ensure a complete understanding, engagement and ownership for the associated business processes.


Based on the Documented Vision and Strategy, MBS works with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within the business to review and improve the business processes. This allows the core business functions to effectively manage the day to day operation while integrating seamlessly with cross functional work streams, and ensuring a continuous improvement cycle is in place through use of relevant metrics.

During this phase, MBS performs a Master Data assessment to ensure each Master Data Object; is properly utilised, maintains a high level of consistency, and supports the use within Transactional Data. To ensure compliance, MBS also assists the business with the development of Master Data Standards.



To ensure that all business requirements are met, the MBS team will develop / review the design documentation, validate that the configuration is complete and  accurately represents the business requirements. Configuration gaps are addressed and where basic designs cannot be met, MBS develops the technical specification for developers to enhance the system.

MBS uses a developed business process matrix and Organisational Structure as the foundation for performing the security role diagnostics. The list of Processes, Responsibilities, Roles and Transactions are used to develop security role profiles to ensure the End Users have the correct security authorisations to perform the duties they are responsible for. This matrix also serves as the foundation for key training activities.


During the design phase of the project, MBS collaborates with the SMEs to develop change management content and assists in educating the business prior to implementation. MBS also provides support with all cut over activities ensuring data migration, testing, initial training and system access requirements are properly managed to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

In today’s environment, information technology needs to deliver results on tight budgets and timelines. MBS provides design, development, implementation and maintenance services that deliver the level of support and performance needed for public sector programs and initiatives.

The MBS Systems Development Lifecycle establishes a portfolio of systems development work that drives maximum value, while implementing technology solutions that achieve superior operation results, improve stability and scalability, and reduce total cost of ownership.

MBS offers strategic and tactical Supply Chain management services that define business process optimisation, improve supply chain efficiency and help to embed cost reduction initiatives.

With a unique understanding of cross functional integration points in operations, finance, maintenance and production, MBS has a proven track record in delivering best-in-class leadership solutions for Supply Chain functions.

Using leading business process and system knowledge, MBS integrates procurement, inventory management, warehousing, strategic sourcing, master data and business intelligence reporting solutions across a range of ERP systems. MBS provides a strategic framework and functional processes to suit a client’s organisation to deliver results through efficient execution, governance and monitoring of supply chain activities.  These outcomes provide significant cost reductions and successfully support the Maintenance function in achieving equipment performance.

Sourcing and Procurement

MBS provides a thorough understanding of the entire Supply Chain management processes. Through partnering with key organisations, MBS helps clients in developing comprehensive category based strategies to effectively manage critical areas of expenditure while identifying cost savings. Our significant experience in leading supply teams in developing supply strategies to enable change, identify Return on Investment and gain business alignment.

With wide-ranging expertise and experience in delivering procurement services to some of the largest natural resources companies in the world, MBS offers a range of services in the procurement space. MBS has best practice policies and procedures available across industries with direct benefits for client organisation that include:

  • Analysis and review of existing procurement, expediting, freight and receipting processes
  • Streamlining touch points to provide a simplified and efficient process
  • Increased usage of ERP and e-Marketplace solutions.

Cross Functional Integration

Working closely with cross functional teams including Maintenance, Operations, Reliability, Finance, Production and Information Management functions across all levels of the organisations, MBS ensures the Supply Chain function delivers in an efficient and effective way. Through a deep understanding of each of the inter-dependencies, requirements and demands, MBS’s Supply Chain methodology enables an openness and commitment to delivering on-time, with the right products and services at the right price.

Benchmarking and KPIs Framework Delivery

MBS specialises in the design, delivery and creation of customised Benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) framework for Performance Management. With a renowned expertise in process assessments, clients are provided with an approach focusing on critical areas for continuous improvement initiatives. Our process assessment tool recognises existing resources, processes, knowledge and systems and provides a baseline for improvement.

Inventory Management

MBS provides a range of inventory and logistics services to clients resulting in increased stock visibility and control, improved efficiency, cost reduction and a safer work environment. With experienced project teams and consultants, MBS collaborates with our clients to deliver improved inventory and logistics and provide improvements to best manage stock levels and the flow of goods and services.

Warehouse Management

We offer operational expertise such as optimal warehouse layout design, analysis of obsolete and slow moving stock, review and recommendations for physical counts and cyclical counts. MBS also provide training for our clients in optimum stock management procedures.


With a proven capability in implementing logistics, MBS provides solutions for Remote Logistics Management, Inventory Management and Off-Site Receipting.

ERP and Business Systems Enablement

Our experienced, specialised consultants in conjunction with a Systems Integrator (SI) partner enable an Ariba connection into ERP systems. This also includes in-depth supply chain (process) knowledge and understanding to deliver a complete enablement package for our clients.

Contractor Management

MBS provides leadership and alignment with organisational requirements. From key skills in the management of internal resources to the outsourcing of key processes including Vendor and Supplier Management via an outsourced contracts maintenance, governance and compliance approach. MBS’s significant experience in driving the best outcomes for clients provide a balance between reducing costs and maintaining collaborative relationships.